Thirty Seconds to Mars – This Is War (Deluxe) [2018] [Album]

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Thirty Seconds to Mars - This Is War (Deluxe)
Artiste: Thirty Seconds to Mars
Album: This Is War (Deluxe)
Sortie: 2018
Qualité: 320 kbps

Liste des titres:

2. Night of the Hunter
3. Kings and Queens
4. This Is War
5. 100 Suns
6. Hurricane
7. Closer to the Edge
8. Vox Populi
9. Search and Destroy
10. Alibi
11. Stranger In a Strange Land
12. L490
13. Hurricane 2.0 (feat. Kanye West)
14. Bad Romance (BBC Live Version)
15. Stronger (BBC Live Version)
16. Kings and Queens (LA Riots Main Vocal Mix)
17. Night of the Hunter (Flood Remix)
18. Closer to the Edge
19. The Ride (Kings & Queens)
20. The Making of “Kings and Queens” – The Ride
21. Into the Wild

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    Thanks for leak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Belcherhcepeda9 says:

    wooow thanks a bunch!!!!

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