Alia – Giraffe [2018] [New Album]

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Alia - Giraffe
Artist: Alia
Album: Giraffe
Original Release Date: 2018
Quality: 320 kbps

Track Listing:

2. Giraffe (feat. Patrizia Liquidara)
3. La teoria del colore
4. Camaiore
5. Alessandra (feat. Femina Ridens)
6. L’India, i bambini
7. Madonna dell’Umilità
8. Sei donne (feat. Elisabetta Salvatori)
9. Monviso
10. Verso Santiago (feat. Martina Agnoletti)

2 thoughts on “Alia – Giraffe [2018] [New Album]”

  1. Williams says:

    thanks a lot! you are the best

  2. Anstettujorge56 says:

    This is the greatest album I’ve ever heard 🙂 thx

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